The Forever Computer Project

Binary logic is timeless. The computers we've built with it are not.

Every decade the war placed the crown on another head: BASIC, Windows, Chrome, Android; 6502, MC68000, x86, ARM. Each time the old kingdom fell, invaders razed the towns and fields and set out to build everything new.

All the while, computers were being woven into the fabric of our world - factories, schools, and homes. Places that only thrive in peace time.

It's not unusual to walk across a bridge built hundreds of years ago, or to cook using kitchen heirlooms passed down through five generations. A child learning to play the violin at ten can expect to find a near-identical instrument at seventy. Not all computer technology has to move at the same speed - its still-evolving parts need motion, true, but some of it can stay still.

Some of it should stay still. Muscle memory costs years to obtain. History is irreplaceable. Real reliability comes from refinement over generations.

Maturity as a computing civilization demands that we lay enduring foundations; computer programs for our children's children to depend on, so they can build higher yet.

This is what the Forever Computer Project is for: to enable timelessness by creating a class of computers that are bound directly to the permanence of binary logic. Computers made for software that, written today, will still run centuries from now.

Join me in building the first Forever Computer.

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